Friday, April 17, 2015

Pup in the grass

Callie likes to sit (and roll) in the grass when it's been newly cut. She also likes it any other time. Here she is in one of her favorite spots just after chasing down a tennis ball. You can't see it in the photo, but one of the balls is between her paws; the other is on the ground just to the left of her.

Callie peeks out from behind the patch of daisies. They're small now, but will grow up to about 3 feet.

The forsythia, on the right, is just about done blossoming and the leaves are replacing the flowers now. The prunus, in the middle, is in full flower. On the left is the big apple tree, and its blossoms are just starting to open. Before long, it will be all green leaves.


  1. Life looks good there! Nice composition too.

  2. Green leaves will be nice, too, but nothing like the colors of early springtime on those trees and bushes, eh? :)

  3. Lovely landscaping Walt. I bet those apple blossoms smell good.

  4. Lucky Callie. Your gardens look beautiful.

  5. I had to look a moment.....


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