Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring chill

We're using the central heating again after a few weeks of not needing it. Temperatures in the past two mornings are down into single digits (that's celcius -- low 40sF). That's a little lower than normal, but it feels cold compared to a week ago. Oh well. It's still April. Last night I dreamed I was driving in snow, a thing I have not done in decades.

Cool spring weather doesn't seem to slow down the dandelions.

On Tuesday I divided my tomato seedlings. Even after tossing a few that were particularly leggy, I still have thirty-five individual plants. I swore I was going to have fewer plants this year. Ha! We're still a few weeks away from planting out in the garden.


  1. LOL long and hard....
    " I swore I was going to have fewer plants this year. Ha! "....
    tell that to Pauline...
    she sowed ours yesterday...
    she's already bought 4 new varieties...
    OK only one plant of each "to try, honest!"....
    and there are seventeen varieties in the trays...

  2. No, there are eighteen, three seeds of each variety, or four seeds of our absolute favourites. Two new varieties - Black Sea Man, from the USA., and some saved seed from a fruit I have named "Ed Prince's Biggun" - he didn't know the variety name and it's probably a hybrid. Two of last year's varieties ditched - Evergreen and Charbon. I can't resist a good tomaato!

  3. Those are dandelions? You and your camera can see wonders.

    TV Guy, you and Ken might be interested in Des Racines et Des Ailes this week (tonight?). Part of it is about the Perche. Probably not enough of it.

    May 6 La Perriere will be on Les carnets de Julie. May 15 Histoire de se balader will show an aerial view of Mortagne. May 16 FR3 will show something about Normandy but I didn't make a note of which program or the time. I'd make a lousy TV guide.

    I hope to see these but can't always get "depuis l'etranger" to work.

    1. We watched Des Racines et des Ailes last night. Some of it was about the Perche but as you suspected, not enough. I'll look for the other shows you mention. But with TV Guy around, we seldom miss a documentary about France.

  4. It's still dipping down into the 40s (F) some nights here, so I'm waiting, too, before I plant our 4 or 6 tomato plants :)

  5. Too many tomatoes are just enough.

  6. Incredible dandelion photos. I've never seen anything like it. You see beauty everywhere!


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