Saturday, April 04, 2015

What's on tv

This week sees the return (in France) of the British miniseries "Broadchurch." I watched the first season a year or so ago when it was on. Kind of soapy, kind of police-y. It was ok, but I didn't like the wrap-up. David Tennant is fun to watch (even if his accent is a bit thick), although I never saw him when he played The Doctor. And Olivia Colman was good. I haven't decided yet whether to watch this set of episodes.

Scowls all around.

What not to watch this week. Our tv magazine rates shows and movies using a star system: one star is ok, four stars is best. They use another symbol for really bad movies: the red dot. It means "à zapper" (change the channel!). The editors often include comments about the movie that make me laugh.

What's this called? In French, the title translates as "Dangers on Earth." When I looked the movie up in the IMDB, it's called "Polar Opposites" or "Deadly Shift." Whatever it's called, it doesn't seem worth watching.

Polar Opposites or Deadly Shift. American made-for-tv movie. Directed by Fred Olen Ray, 2008
With Charles Shaugnessy, Tracy Nelson, and Ken Barnett.
David is a scientist whose apocalyptic theories have never been accepted. Nuclear explosions slow the earth's rotation.
The number of clichés this film racks up is almost as impressive as the disastrous acting.
For adults and teenagers.


  1. Tennant loses the accent in Dr Who. We thought the first series of Broadchurch was spellbinding, but couldn't bear to even start to watch the second series. I think it's unlikely it lived up to the first series.

  2. I really liked the first series, but the second has had me spellbound, to the point I leave my seat at the computer and sit on a lounge chair and give it my full devotion. I really suggest you watch it.

  3. Well, here in the U.S., two excellent shows start up again this weekend-- OUTLANDER and MAD MEN. Can't wait.

  4. The final episode of the second series of Broadchurch will be shown in Sydney tonight. I think like the first series it has been a couple of episodes too much but I have been intrigued by it.


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