Thursday, April 09, 2015

Shiney new

These are some of the new posts in one of the re-planted vineyard parcel out behind our hamlet. They're made of metal and should, according to what I've been told, last a lot longer than their wooden counterparts. They're not all installed yet. Once they are, I imagine that the support wires will be strung. The new vines are only about a foot tall at this point, but they will grow.

They may lack the charm of wooden posts, but they're more practical. And you can hardly see them once the vines grow up, anyway.

Wednesday was productive. Ken washed the old Peugeot and began the process of tilling up the soil in the vegetable garden. I changed the oil and sharpened the blade on the lawnmower and power-washed the deck. We're nearly ready for summer. Today is predicted to be a very warm day, so I plan to get the grass cut after lunch. Ken will probably do some more tilling.


  1. Individually... perhaps not attractive...
    but like this... especially against the dark woods behind, they are very graphic!
    Nice... as usual, Walt... a good spot...
    worth taking again once they are hammered in and the wires up...


  2. I'm sure it makes you feel good to be so productive... especially with warm-weather chores-- spring is here!

  3. Ah, progress. If I grew grapes, I'm sure I'd go the same route... but it's so much less picturesque.

  4. yes metal is better material

  5. Progress is our most important product- bet you remember those words. This is an example of such progress.

  6. I love the idea that spring and summer are here but I'm already on my second cut of grass. Oh well, a small price to pay for winter being over I suppose. The look of the metal should soften as the vines take off a bit I would imagine.

  7. I wonder how 'rigid' grape growers are to adopt new or different farming ideas.


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