Thursday, April 02, 2015

How many gardeners does it take to change a bulb?

The bulbs in the garden are doing their thing. Every year, when they come up, I tell myself that I should get some more to replace the tired ones and to increase the spring show. But when it comes time to buy and plant bulbs in the fall, I forget about it or, worse, forget where I wanted to plant them.

I relocated these white hyacinths ten years ago and they're doing great.

I planted a little patch of tulips about ten years ago out by the driveway. Each year in recent years they've been fewer and smaller. Time to replant. At least I know where they go. Now I just have to remember to do it.


  1. Apparently, just one good one!

  2. Aren't they gorgeous?

  3. Same problem here :)
    Yours look great, though!

  4. Walt,
    I'm always gung ho to plant bulbs in the spring but by the the fall rolls around, I forget where I need to plant them. I was just out awhile ago noting the empty spots where I had to fill in with daffodils. Maybe I should take photos. Why hyacinths, my favorite. They smell great too.

  5. That photo is so perfect I can almost smell the hyacinths. I do miss bulbs here, but I don't miss the weather they thrive in.


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