Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Four for a dollar

There's an old joke about a guy named Arthur who robs a grocery store. In the process he strangles four of the store's employees and, when he finally opens the register, all he gets away with is a single dollar bill. The headline in the paper reads, "Artie chokes four for a dollar." Rimshot.

I like the grey-green of the artichoke plants in our garden. There are two left and they seem healthy.

You can tell it's an old joke; artichokes are considerably more expensive these days. On Monday I got some gardening done. I weeded the new rhubarb patch (man, those weeds grow fast), planted six strawberry plants, and trimmed the tall grass along the edges of the garden pathway.


  1. We have the same joke in the UK, it ends "Artie chokes four for a pound in Tesco's".
    Well done on getting all the gardening done.

  2. Spring is no time for the lazy. Keep up the good work. And I want to see what you do with those 'chokes on a plate.

  3. That is one sick joke ... and I had never heard it ... and I liked it!

  4. OMG! That is one of Joel's favorite jokes....(I never tire of it......not!)

  5. Hi Walt, many people have artichokes in our community garden. To me they take up a lot of space for not a lot of reward, but I could be wrong. This year I planted some asparagas. Another plant that takes up a lot of space....

    Nice photo. You always find such interesting angles to show things in a new way.

  6. Hehehehehe - I've never heard that one before now! A good laugh each day is what I like.
    That grey-green color in nature is one of my favorites, as well. Previously in one of my beds I grew Lamb's Ears which had a similar, velvetty grey color that I loved.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. jean, too funny!

    stuart, we shall see...

    mitch, I'm surprised you've never heard that one!

    judy, merci. :)

    lynn, for me, the cornier, the better. ;)

    christine, they do take up space. I think of them as more ornamental than practical, at least in home gardens. Professionally grown artichokes make for better eating.

    mary, I had some lambs' ears here as well, but they've died out over the years. There may be one or two little plants left.


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