Sunday, October 21, 2018

Another leaf

Oh the leaves, they are a-changin'. And they're starting to tumble off the trees. Over the next couple of weeks, our yard will be a carpet of gold, then brown. If I'm lucky, I'll get to run the mower over most of them and mulch them into the grass. Those on the paths and driveway will get raked.

Grape leaves in the vineyard. They're still hanging on.

It's also time to start thinking about preparing the greenhouse to receive plants from the deck and outdoors for the winter. Thinking is hard work. Phew!


  1. Ken didn't post yet this morning, I hope nothing's wrong.

  2. nothing has turned here; autumn is late.

  3. Do the grapes leaves stay put as a sort of fertilizer or are they raked up?

  4. I used to love raking leaves. For about 5 minutes!

  5. chm, jan, elgee, not to worry. By now you know that we lost access to the internet for a while. My post was written and programmed for publication in advance, but Ken's wasn't.

    anne marie, wow. Let's hope winter is short for you!

    michael, they just fall and decompose where they are. After the vines are pruned in the winter, they mulch the prunings and any leaves that are left and that stays as a fertilizer.

    mitch, I'm with you there. Ok, maybe ten. ;)


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