Friday, May 03, 2019

Funky feline fotos

Bert likes to nap on the couch. Well, in truth, Bert likes to nap. Period. He's getting up there in years but he still hunts regularly. And catches mice. And eats them.

One of Bert's many favorite napping spots.

Not only that, but he gets fed wet and dry food every day. He even goes over to the neighbor's house and she feeds him, too. We told her she shouldn't do that because he gets plenty, but she likes doing it, and he's not overweight, so what the heck.


  1. A term I have not heard for some time, but what the heck.

  2. love seeing Bertie comfy inside

  3. Our skinny calico cat has caught 7 chipmucks in the past week or two. She's quite the hunter, but only eats the head and then throws up....
    I'm glad Bert has a good life.

  4. I just love to see my cat, Matisse, and I notice Bert, too, cover his eyes with his paws! Cats are so smart!
    As long as he can "keep his figure" he obviously is getting plenty of exercise to indulge in extra helpings! What the heck? hehehehehe

  5. Finally, part of my request fulfilled, and it's a great image of Bert. Thank you! Roderick

  6. mitch, I know, but he's out and about a lot.

    andrew, not a common expression down under?

    judy, we've got him right where he wants us. ;)

    melinda, it's so nice that the two animals get along.

    evelyn, Bert eats the whole mouse, snout to tail. And normally doesn't throw up, although sometimes he will if he gets a nasty bird.

    mary, cats are smart, and they're sneaky...

    roderick, :)

  7. What a lovely photo. It's wonderful seeing Bert enjoying indoors, although I do miss Callie.

  8. aw, bertie is going gray...just like all of us "old people".


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