Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Again with the frost

What can I say? I took a bunch of photos that one frosty morning we had. So here's one in color. The sun was just coming up.

This vineyard parcel has been pruned. You can see the cut canes lined up in every other row. The vines on the very left haven't been pruned yet.

As predicted, our temperature this morning is close to freezing at about 3ºC. There may be frost, but I won't know until the sun rises in just under two hours. The days are very short these few weeks around the solstice. January and February are usually our coldest months. I wonder if we'll see snow?


  1. These phots are breathtaking... as is the frosty air, I’m sure.

  2. mitch, the frosty air was fleeting. This time.

    emm, :)


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