Tuesday, December 03, 2019

The birches hold on

The birch trees in our hamlet are the last to be losing their leaves this fall. They're still providing us some nice color, but not for much longer. The days are getting chilly (Monday's high was about 5ºC or 41ºF); the sun is too low in the sky this time of year to warm things up much. Still, it's nice to see the sun after that long run of overcast and rain.

The view of our neighbors' property from the deck on a sunny December afternoon.

I'm thinking I'll take advantage of the dry weather to get the holiday lights up on the house this week. The tree won't go up until the 15th or so.


  1. Beautiful view - have you shown this before...probably. I must be brain-dead (copying Macron!).
    Mary in Oregon

  2. Lovely colours! I thought all the cables in your neighbourhood were underground now?

  3. mitch, soon all will be brown. Except the evergreens. And the grass.

    mary, I'm sure I have, in all seasons!

    elgee, the main transmission line is underground to the transformer, but the distribution lines and the phone lines are still strung from poles. :(


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