Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

Our days-long wind event is over, but while it was going on I got a photo of Tasha and her wind-blown fur. Maybe I should have taken a video.

Tasha has a few sticks along her route that she carries for a while before dropping them again.

Ken called two roofers on Monday. One got back to us after about ten hours saying he was out of town and wasn't able help us out in the short term. The other said they'd get back to us quickly, but we haven't heard from them yet. Maybe today. Meanwhile, we're keeping an eye on the rain forecast.


  1. Tasha is of coming ese beautiful when windblown. Hope the roof is repaired before the rains hit the wrong way.

  2. Must be nice to have all that fur, on a cold and windy walk.

  3. Such a pretty dog.
    Thinking about my snarky comment re aging the dirt piles, I realized that if they contain, for example, large amounts of animal fertilizer they may well have to age before being put on growing plants. Maybe a sniff test is in order?

  4. mitch, do you use autocorrect?

    judy, collies and shelties are bred to work in cold and rainy climates. She's ok with it.

    emm, I probably won't be sniffing the dirt piles. My sense of smell is not very good anyway. ;)

    1. How can you tell? What a mess! I’ve lately only been able to comment on blogger from my iPad, and I have autocorrect on here, the worst place for It! Since I’m typing with my thumbs. I try to catch things but sometimes I get distracted!

  5. Tasha is such a characterful dog. She reminds me so much of our late Heather, collies and shelties are something special, aren't they.

  6. even with wind-blown fur, tasha is a pretty girl!


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