Thursday, December 12, 2019

Purple frost

Post-processing can turn a bland photo into something a little less bland. I was not at all happy with this shot. I didn't get the depth-of-field right. So I gave it some purple color and, while it didn't fix the focus problem (nothing can), it doesn't look as bad as the original.

Hand-held photography in low light is quite a challenge. I had the 50mm fixed lens on the camera. I needed a relatively fast shutter speed (1/200) to compensate for the breeze, which meant opening up the aperture for more light (f/7.1), which resulted in less depth-of-field.
I wanted more of the plant to be in focus.

The weather is not propitious for outdoor photography right now. We're getting a lot of wind and there's rain. From now through the weekend looks particularly yucky. And we want to get to the market on Saturday to order the holiday bird. Maybe it won't be as bad as predicted out there.


  1. Gorgeous! Interesting title for a song, although Purple HAZE might be more memorable.

  2. I rather like that as indicative of how the plant must be feeling in the newly cold weather. Wouldn't you feel a bit out of focus if you woke up one morning with icicles hanging off your flowers?

  3. Bundle up and journey to the market, you will enjoy that holiday bird!

  4. mitch, or Purple Rain...

    emm, perish the thought!

    evelyn, I know we will!


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