Thursday, December 19, 2019

Reindeer herd

With a dog to keep the herd together. The silver reindeer came as a tree ornament, but it's so heavy that it doesn't work on our small tree. So he's joined the other two on the mantle.

None of these reindeer has ever run over a grandma.

The roofer (well, the roofer's elves) showed up on Wednesday afternoon, a day early! They cleaned out the valleys on either side of the dormer window above the kitchen and worked on the chimney, where the leak is. They said the flashing looked intact, but that there were some cracks in the mortar above it, so they patched that. We won't know if it worked until it rains. And, thankfully, the days are warm, dry, and sunny for the moment, so the patching will have time to dry properly.

We also asked them for an estimate to redo the underside of the deck (the roofer is also a mason). The paint there is peeling badly and there are cracks in the concrete, so it all needs to be fixed up and re-painted.


  1. Ah, well, it's good to have the name of a new contact for taking care of that.
    Love the reindeer :)

  2. Let’s hope that no new damage happens when the reindeer land on your roof next week!

  3. And so glad that the ruts have been taken care of.

  4. Never a dull moment... or an inexpensive one. Great reindeer... and dog!

  5. judy, we've been talking about it for years...

    bettyann, we're still waiting for the trailers to go. Maybe today?

    mitch, the dog and the little reindeer are part of the permanent installation. The big deer and silver one only come out at the holidays.


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