Sunday, December 27, 2020

A ghost of Christmas past

Ken mentioned yesterday that we're in a rut. A good rut, that is. I looked back at photos of our first Christmas dinner in this house. It was 2003 and we had moved in about six months prior. On the table were a turkey breast with a rice and sausage stuffing, steamed and sautéed Brussels sprouts, a bowl of butternut squash purée, and giblet gravy. We drank a dry Vouvray (100% chenin grapes), maybe with the appetizer. It was five years old, from 1998. With the main course we had a bottle of Touraine cabernet from 2001.

I took this when I was just moving from standard to digital photography, trying to get a feel for the latter. I must have used a flash.
We also had not painted the old beige kitchen walls yet.

A lot of things have changed around here in the past seventeen years, but our Christmas meal seems to stay pretty much the same, with minor variations from year to year.


  1. The photo is brightly lit, so I guess you did use a flash. I've just noticed that if I take indoor photos during the daytime or even at night with normal subdued lighting with my phone camera, it captures detail better with the flash off. Not so my normal point and shoot camera that instructs me when to 'pop up the flash'.

  2. Jerry loves holiday food traditions, although we haven't locked in on anything in our years in Spain.

  3. You're not in a rut, you're in a groove!
    Andrew, I've noticed the same thing. The phone camera is amazing.

  4. What chrissoup said! Traditions are not a rut :)
    I love that jar of sugar cubes. Little things like sugar in cubes, and bowls for drinking coffee, are tiny cultural differences that I love :)

  5. Wow! We opened a bottle of Vouvray for the first time last night. It was a gift.

  6. andrew, phone cameras are amazing these days! I haven't used a flash in a long time. I don't even have a flash for my current DSLR camera.

    mitch, I think Ken mentioned that our food traditions give us the opportunity to enjoy some things we might not make otherwise. The cheese fondue is one of those things.

    chris, I like the way you think!

    judy, I like having sugar cubes around, but I never transitioned to bowls for coffee. I have my favorite mugs...

    michael, cool! Was it still or sparkling? Sweet or dry?


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