Friday, December 18, 2020


I took this photo in Vouvray in October of 2000. This building is not far from the church in town, but I don't remember what the building is. I checked it out on Google Maps, but the building is next to a pedestrian street that doesn't have "street view," so I couldn't see any sign or entrance for clues. No matter, I like the geometry.

Slate rooftops in Vouvray. B&W version, scanned color slide, October 2000.

We've been checking out the news about the nor'easter that hit my home town (Albany, NY) and much of the US northeast pretty hard yesterday. The city reported over 20 inches (about 51 centimeters) of snow at the airport and about 25 inches (almost 64 centimeters) in some neighborhoods. A friend of mine in a close suburb sent a photo of a ruler in her yard measuring nearly 18 inches. Some areas, including Saratoga Springs, recorded accumulations close to 35 inches. Yikes! They're saying that it's the biggest December storm in fifty years. The local paper (on line, of course) had some interesting photos from around town. Now the dig-out begins.


  1. I love your daily photos. Thanks for making my days more pleasant.

    That storm, however! Forgot about you being from Albany. They were slammed.

  2. Oh, my heavens! I didn't realize that they had gotten THAT much up there!

  3. Definitely good geometry.
    Friends in Massachusetts were slammed as well. I’ll take Florida’s heat and humidity any day!

  4. we got 8". I love the spider web; so intricate.

  5. Wooo.... I can see why you took that photo!
    Snow always seems to catch people out.... no matter how accurate the forecast!!

  6. A friend in Albany posted a picture of snow that looked waist-high in her yard. And Binghamton got something like 40 inches!

  7. mitch, a friend of mine who lives there used the word "hammered." Same difference!

    judy, up to 40 inches in some parts of upstate NY. Yikes!

    bettyann, I'm thankful for our temperate climate.

    anne marie, that's still a lot of snow! And thanks!

    tim, it's a lot of work to deal with, digging, clearing, etc.

    emm, I know, crazy, right?

  8. Vouvray! I know this word from the wine courses. They have lovely wines there I read.


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