Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Almost there

At the bottom of the path through the woods, we emerge on the valley floor where several agricultural parcels are planted in grains each year. There are some houses, a couple of small orchards and private vegetable gardens, all connected by dirt roads to the paved road that parallels the river.

Tasha is ready to venture back into the light.

I started walking this route back in 2003 with our first dog, Collette. Callie and I took most of our afternoon walks this way, except for springtime when the grape grower at the top of the hill would hook up an electric fence to keep deer out of the vineyard. He doesn't do that any more. Now Tasha and I (and Ken, too) are walking the route. One of the nice things about it is that, once you go down, you have to climb back up. And that's good exercise.


  1. If this was in a large city park I dare say it would regularly be frequented by 'cruisers'. Thank goodness it's not.

  2. What an interesting route to walk. I imagine there are subtle differences to notice each time you walk there.

  3. raybeard, the only "cruisers" here are dogs.

    mitch, it does, now that you mention it. But it was quite pleasant.

    bettyann, seasonal changes, mostly.

  4. what a splendid place to find some fairy folk


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