Wednesday, December 09, 2020

It's biscotti season

I often make biscotti during the holiday season, and this year is no exception. A week or so ago I made pumpkin (what else?) pecan biscotti. They were delicious -- we gobbled them up. Yesterday, I made a batch of maple pecan biscotti. I used my standard almond biscotti recipe and substituted maple syrup for the almond extract. Boy, are these good!

Maple pecan biscotti, just out of the oven after toasting.

This morning's errand is a trip to the post office. We're accepting the bid we got for the restoration of our deck, so I need to return the paperwork (and a deposit) to the contractor. I have no idea what the timeline will be, but we need to start clearing the deck off so that we're ready for the demolition work when it happens. I've already put away the table and chairs.


  1. Very exciting about the deck. I adore biscotti and those are great recipes for OUR house. SG hates pecans, so more for me... and it doesn't screw up his weight loss.

  2. I have never cared for biscotti but yours look delicious. Looking forward to seeing the deck improvements.

  3. We love biscotti! Dunked in coffee is the way to indulge.

  4. Looks wonderful! Have you ever made Mandelbrot? It's also good, richer and not so hard on the teeth.

  5. Fantastic! My sister, Lynne, makes cranberry pistachio biscotti every year... delicious!

  6. Love biscotti. Paula, Frank's daugter, used to bake cranberry, almond biscotiti and send big bunches of them to us to enjoy. Sweet memories!

  7. The perfect Christmas cookie! They look delish.
    Funny--I just returned the signed contract to have our deck rebuilt too.

  8. I was reading happily along, waiting for the part with the recipe. Well???? *taps foot impatiently*
    Those looks really excellent.

  9. jean, you can say that again!

    mitch, almonds are more typical, but I have pecans, so...

    bettyann, us too.

    l&l, dunked in prosecco is also good! ;)

    evelyn, no, I'll have to look it up!

    judy, oh, that sounds tasty!

    chm, :)

    chris, good luck! I'm not looking forward to the demo, but it won't last too long. I hope.

    emm, the base recipe is here:

  10. Thanks for the recipe link. Saved.

  11. I recently tried to make a loaf of rye bread that came out looking like this :-(


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