Thursday, December 02, 2021

Again with the corn?

When will it end? The short answer: today. The long answer: I don't have any more photos of the corn. I will, however, let you know when the two plots are harvested, or at least cut down.

I think the little corn plants are kind of pretty. The colors are subtle, but they're there.

Looks like a messy weather weekend is forming up. Freezing morning temperatures will give way to warm (ish), rainy days. Great dog-walking weather. Not.


  1. I’ve really enjoyed your crisp corny photos.

  2. The corn has made for some nice photos.

  3. Crazy weather here... upper 60s and might hit 70 tomorrow. Then, we'll plunge back down into cold winter, again.

  4. Isn’t this what they call camaïeu in French or monochrome in English?

  5. I like that picture. Aside from the artistic merits, you can see the structure of the stalk and where the ears are tucked in. Ain't Ma Nature amazing?

  6. mitch, thanks! It's not easy to find new/interesting subjects along a route I've been walking pretty much every day for eighteen years.

    evelyn, :)

    judy, wow!

    chm, not sure. There are several colors in there, but they're more like accents.

    emm, that's for sure!


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