Saturday, January 15, 2022

Achy breaky

I got my booster shot on Friday afternoon and, boy, am I feeling it this morning. It's not anywhere near bad, just that my arm, hip, and neck muscles feel quite sore. It's a stronger reaction than I had with my two previous shots. They were Astra Zeneca, this one's Moderna. Maybe that has something to do with it. From Ken's experience last week, I expect the achy-ness to subside in twelve to twenty-four hours.

Abtract lighting in a Parisian café, September 2006.

So, anyway, I'm boosted and now have an updated (and therefore valid) pass vaccinal or, as they say in English, an EU Covid Certificate. Not that I need it for anything. The important thing is that I'm caught up, more protected, and less dangerous to others. We also got a supply of new KN95 masks yesterday. I understand that they're the latest in pandemic fashion. La-dee-da.

In other news, our deck contractor (actually his employees) came by yesterday morning, unannounced, and cleaned out our roof valleys and the gutters around the house. That was part of the work we contracted for. Then the boss showed up and took the measurements of the garden shed for the stuff he needs in order to close a huge (and by huge, I mean you could pass your fingers through it) crack that formed in the side of the little masonry building. That's also part of the work order. And they all acknowledged that deck work has certainly not been forgotten. Progress!


  1. My reaction to the third was the same. And it passed in less than 24 hours. What a relief, no? Great café lighting.

  2. Same as you, two AZ and Moderna booster. Sore arm for two days with the latter, but nothing else. I've been thinking about changing to N95 masks.

  3. Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre!

  4. Woo hoo! Very cool photo, raahh rahhhh for the Moderna booster doing its thing, yippppeeee that the contractor and his crew are on it!

  5. I could see just the top wavy neon line as I read the first part of your post and thought it matched your description of achy breaky!

  6. I ordered the N95 (American made vs. KN95 Korea regulated masks) masks last week as well! I guess we will be doing that, now, for our future... Not a big order, only 20. I read I can reuse them by keeping them in a paper bag after 1 use for 24 - 48 hours. It was suggested to have 3 bags available and to identify with 1, 2 and 3 or some such identification. With my glasses I'm just hoping I won't have to deal with the fogging.

    We had dense fog yesterday and also again this morning. It clears out and we get a sunny day - in the high 40's. Not bad for the first half of January!

    So - boosted, contracctors showed up, surgery scheduled. Life is returning to somewhat-normal???

    I would enjoy seeing a bar from the inside but I have been staying in and trying to avoid at all costs this new variant.

    Tasha seems to be totally confidant in her life even with the ups and downs (literally).

  7. Glad you got boosted. I had the same reaction on the booster...really sore arm and shoulder the next day. (All mine were Pfizer.) Yay for the contract work sort of starting.


  8. mitch, I'm better this morning. Still a little headache...

    andrew, interesting!

    chm, n'est-ce pas !

    judy, baby steps...

    wilma, ha!

    mary, our routine with Tasha is different, but we're getting used to it. I think.

    sean, yes, sort of. LOL!


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