Sunday, January 09, 2022

La tour

Well, here it is again. That enduring symbol of Paris and, of course, of France: la tour Eiffel (the Eiffel Tower). It's difficult, if not impossible, to be in Paris and not catch a glimpse. I don't know how many photos I've taken of it over the decades. This one is from somewhere* in the 15th Arrondissement, just south and a little west of the tower, not far from the river. I took it while walking in that neighborhood in the summer of 2006.

The Eiffel Tower is the tallest structure in Paris.
That café/brasserie may be what's now called le Comptoir Principal on the rue Saint-Saëns. It doesn't look like that any more.

The tower was built for the Exposition Universelle (World's Fair) of 1889, the one-hundredth anniversary of the French Revolution. It was intended to be temporary, to be demolished after twenty years. But its value as a communications tower saved it. The tower and the city were later spared by one of Hitler's generals when he defied the German leader's orders to destroy them both as the Second World War came to an end.

* I figured out where. It's on the rue Saint-Saëns where it intersects with the Boulevard de Grenelle.


  1. General Dietrich von Choltitz was of the kind of military who knew when to disobey an order.
    Did I ever tell you that I have a piece of the iron that was used to build the Grande Dame de Paris?

  2. Temporary! Permanent structures aren’t built as well. Did you know that it’s a perfect, large-scale replica of the one in Las Vegas?

  3. It always brings me fun memories

  4. "Is Paris Burning?" was written perhaps 20 years after the war, with interviews of people who were there. It's a good read.

  5. An there's this, an account of the Worlds Fair and M. Eiffel's Tower:

  6. chm, cool! I don't think you've mentioned that before.

    mitch, fun facts! LOL

    travel, :)

    emm, thanks for the links!


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