Thursday, January 27, 2022

Le lifting

Is this an Uber getting a Lyft? This car was either illegally parked (it's a metered spot) or broken down. Either way, this is one way to get towed in Paris. I was staying in a hotel on this street in 2009 and got to see someone's car being taken away. I blurred the license plate to protect the innocent. Or the not-so-innocent in the case of a parking violation. By the way, un lifting is a "facelift" in French.

Uber was founded in 2009, Lyft in 2012. This was neither.

Firewood update: the guy showed up on time and with the wood he promised. Even a little more. Each log was a meter long, meaning they had to be cut into thirds to fit our stove. He had brought his chainsaw and sawhorse for the task, but he asked if we could help by moving and stacking the logs as he cut them. No problem. It surprised me to see him put for or five logs on the sawhorse and cut through them all at once. I would never have dared that, but the job went pretty quickly that way.

Did I mention that the guy, whose name is Guy, is 84 years old? He made me feel like a wimp. He's stopping the wood supply business now and this was the last of his supply for sale. He told us that he heats his house and water with wood and burns about 20 stères (20 cubic meters, about 5.5 cords) of wood a year, if I understood correctly. Phew!


  1. Who’s taking over his business? Did he tell you?

  2. I make such an effort to park legally and so I am quite happy to see others who illegally park have the cars lifted or towed. So you found a good guy to supply wood, but he is stopping doing the job. What a pity.

  3. Good guy, that Guy!
    I've never seen a car removed like that--wow.

  4. car Lyfting. Lumberjacks don't need gyms. What a nice Guy! Barely above freezing in Bama.

  5. That’s how he stays fit, obviously. I’m impressed.

  6. chm, I don't know if anybody is. He did give us the name of another guy locally who sells wood.

    andrew, I know what you mean...

    judy, innovative, eh?

    evelyn, we're warming up now. I think.

    wilma, ha!

    lynn, he was a bit round, but he handled his chainsaw well.


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