Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Le Bazar

The building with the dome in the center of this photo is the main building of a big department store called Le Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville (the City Hall Bazaar). It has eight levels of shopping, from hardware and housewares to fashions and perfumes, to books and art supplies, and to cookware and appliances. I've spent many an hour and not a few euros in that store over the years.

The main entrance to the BHV, as it's called by Parisians, April 2009.

The department store was founded in 1856. The current building dates from the early 1900s. The bazar takes its name from the building on the right in the photo. It's the Hôtel de Ville (Paris city hall). It sits between the river and the rue de Rivoli on the Right Bank (4th arrondissement). The open plaza where I'm standing is la Place de l'Hôtel de Ville (City Hall Plaza).


  1. Stunning and stately buildings. I’d have a ball in the BHV.

  2. Just like you, I have spent many an hour in the basement of this department store, the BHV, which is a DIY paradise. You find there any kind of hardware you need for any project. I loved it. I had a bus that took me directly to it!

  3. Holy cow.. I'm not sure that I ever went there, which makes me sad.

  4. Every visit to Paris I've made a pilgrimage to BHV, for a look around the basement, but also the homewares in general - some kitchen bits and pieces have come from there, and also curtains and cushion covers.

  5. Sounds like a store I would love to explore. Is the inside of the building as beautiful as the outside?

  6. Didn't know about so many levels. I have only been in the hardware section.

  7. mitch, and could buy one, too.

    chm, it's fun even just to look!

    judy, next trip!

    autolycus, several items in our kitchen came from there, too.

    wilma, it looks like a department store inside. So, I guess that's a no. ;)

    evelyn, there's also a men's store and pet store in nearby buildings. And who know what else.


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