Friday, January 14, 2022

Les bateaux

The Seine is a working river with commercial ports along its banks. The biggest ports for freight are downriver from Paris, I think. A large, maybe the largest, commercial port in the Paris region is located in Gennevilliers just outside the city limits. Ocean-going container ships (of a certain size) can dock there. Inside the city limits, boats and barges are tied up along both banks of the Seine. Some are working commercial cargo carriers, others are private pleasure craft (and houseboats), still others are tour boats providing a unique view of the city to visitors. The most well-known tour operator is probably les Bateaux Mouches, but there are others.

Boats on the Seine in Paris, September 2006.

Tasha hurt herself on Wednesday evening. During our afternoon walk, she began to limp. We were close to home, but by the time we got there she wasn't using one of her back legs at all. She's sprained legs before, so we were hoping that was all it was. Ken took her to vet's office on Thursday morning (I didn't go because the vet only allows one person in the office per animal. Covid.). After an exam and an x-ray, it turns out that she had torn a knee ligament, most likely from stepping into a hole.

The doctor said it's a common thing and is normally easily corrected with surgery. So, the procedure is scheduled for Wednesday next week. In the mean time, I'm carrying her up and down stairs so she can go outside to do her business and sleep on the bed with us. Yesterday she grabbed a stick and wanted to play, so we played "in place" for a minute or two. She can hop around the house on three legs for now, but probably won't be able to while she recovers from the operation. The doctor told Ken that these procedures are common and usually very successful. The prognosis is good.

Just like Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, "It's always something. If it's not one thing, it's another."


  1. Poor Tasha. I wonder if it would heal itself if left. Perhaps but maybe not well.

    We loved our lunch cruise on the Seine. I can't remember what we ate but it was very nice and such a good experience.

  2. “Either you're depressed at Christmas or you got toilet paper hangin' from your shoe!" Poor Tasha, and you. Hope it’s a quick and easy recovery. Glad she still wants to play.

  3. Good that’s a normal procedure.

  4. And the same for me (all of the above comments). I really smiled when I read that she picked up the stick and wanted to play!

    I think Roseanne's quote is the best - I use it frequently!!!

  5. andrew, from what I understand, it won't heal itself. So it's off to surgery we go next week.

    mitch, oh yes. Gloria Vanderbilt, wasn't it? With the toilet paper stuck to her shoe?

    chm, we hope it works. A friend whose dogs also went through this has offered to lend us the dog corral (like a playpen for dogs) she used to keep the dogs confined during their recovery. That was so nice, and we're planning to pick it up on Monday.

    judy, thanks!

    mary, she's behaving mostly normally, except for not using the injured leg, and she's eating just fine. So I think that's good.


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