Sunday, January 16, 2022


This won't impress anyone with snow on the ground. Saturday was our coldest day of the season, so far. Temperatures stayed below freezing all day and we were under an inversion layer. That means fog, and when it's that cold, freezing fog. The photo doesn't do it justice, but it was pretty.

The neighbors' property across the road, seen from our deck.

Our routines are different now, and for a while to come. Tasha can't climb stairs, so we have baby gates up to keep her from attempting either of our two flights of stairs. She surprised us yesterday when she actually scampered up the main stair on three legs. Oops. Otherwise, I carry her up and down the stairs. Since she sleeps up in the loft with us, I carry her up at night. Then back down in the morning, and down the main stairs when she needs to go outside (about three times a day) and back up. The main stairs are less steep and easier to deal with, but the stairs to the loft are narrow and steep and I have to be very careful with a thirty-five pound dog in my arms. And daily walks are suspended. Surgery happens on Wednesday next.

Bert's routine has not changed. As if.


  1. As I commented on Ken’s blog, this is féerique.

  2. Tasha sounds like a trooper. No drama queen there. The frosty fog does look beautiful (although I’m finding it too cold to go for a walk at 13C... will force myself today).

  3. yikes be careful going up & down all those stairs carrying Miss T

  4. Oh, heavens, yes, as Melinda said, hoping for safe trips for you up and down those stairs.

  5. Thirty-five pounds is nothing to sneeze at! When our 100 lb dog was sick, we had to get 2 strong guys to carry her up the veranda stairs in a wheelbarrow. Fortunately, that was only once a day for 2 days. Dogs have amazing recovery skills. I bet it will be quit a challenge to keep Tasha less active while she heals post-surgery.

  6. Thinking about your not getting the egg rolls at the market-- and instead your freezer [ they might have also been frozen eggrolls at the market with your freezing temperatures !!!]

    I triple the request for you to be xxxtra cautious ascending or descending you stairs or both you AND Miss T might have more problems.

  7. Good luck with Tasha's surgery.

  8. chm, yes!

    mitch, we're warming up again. High today expected around 8º.

    bettyann, :)

    melinda, absolutely.

    judy, we go slowly, and she cooperates pretty well.

    wilma, I hope so! I'm looking forward to our walks again.

    mary, there's a good brand of eggrolls are the grocery store. We usually have two or three packages in the freezer. We're out now, but they're on the list for the next grocery run.

    michael, thanks! Two days to go...


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