Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Le millefeuille

Ken brought home a couple of these tasty pastries from his shopping trip yesterday. It's a millefeuille (a thousand layers), made of flaky pastry and pastry cream. When I lived in Paris, the millefeuille quickly became my favorite pastry. I don't eat many of them these days, but once in a while it hits the spot.

Artfully blurred (oops) photo of one of yesterday's millefeuilles. We call them Napoleons in English.

We're expecting a delivery of fire wood this morning, en principe. Ken ran into one of our neighbors and asked if he knew someone who would deliver wood. And he did. The guy we had been buying from said it wasn't worth it to him to deliver the quantity we wanted (about half what we usually buy) so far from his place. Great. I can't deal with stacking four stères (four cubic meters) of wood right now, given the dog situation and the fact that we're trying to keep things clear for the deck contractor's work.

The guy who's coming today said he had 1.5 stères available and we said okay. That could last us almost through the rest of the season, depending on the weather. I've burned all of the birch that I cut up in the fall. It wasn't that much to begin with. There's still a lot to cut up, so I need to get it together to do it.


  1. The life of the lumberjack isn’t easy. Good you milhojas (our version) to keep you going.

  2. This was The Big reason for giving up on the WBS. Humping and stacking, chainsawing, restacking, taking it upstairs to the fire from outside finally the extra dust! At our advanced age we gave up to the Switch and Timer!

  3. I hope the wood delivery goes well :)

  4. The millefeuille looks delicious. I would stack firewood for one of those!

    1. That's a good one, Wilma! I am right there with you (but I'm trying really hard to stay away from my sugar addition!)

  5. mitch, I used to do a lot more. Now I'm a lumberjack lite. And I'm still ok.

    potty, I like the fires, although I don't have them every day like I used to. It is a chore.

    judy, I'm posting about it today (Thursday).

    wilma, it was, and I did! Although not in that order.

    mary, :)

  6. Rather like our vanilla slice.


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