Saturday, August 18, 2012

We're going in

Friday morning was still, sunny, and relatively warm, so I decided to walk Callie down by the river. You might remember that I took some pictures down there last winter and thought I should go back during the summer to see how different it looks. Here's a link to the same general photo from last January.

After we cross the main road at the bottom of our hill, this dirt road leads through some woods to the river bank.

Since it's often wet and muddy down there, I wanted to wait for a dry spell before going. One of the first things I noticed on this walk was that the leaf canopy made for a lot of shadows and low-light spots along our walk. Not the greatest conditions for my level of photography.


  1. Thans for the link to the January photo. What a great contrast!

  2. I prefer the summer picture, but both are pretty.
    (Hot in Los Angeles too. We are not used to the humidity).

  3. mitch, the was a great contrast of temperature as well.

    judy, it was cooler than being out in the sun, that's for sure!

    nadege, we're lucky not to have the humidity here.


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