Sunday, August 19, 2012

Canard sur Cher

The last time we walked by the river, Callie flushed the ducks out of their hiding spots among the shore plants and they flew away. This duck, however, saw us coming and made his way from the shore out to the safety of the river's middle before we got there.

A duck heads out into the main stream.

The Cher is a shallow river here. In fact, it may be possible to wade across in many spots with the water coming up to waist or chest height. There are small spillways every couple of miles, so there is rarely any significant current. The river just flows gently by.

He kept his eye on us until we walked on by.

The water is pretty clear; in most places you can see the bottom of the river's bed. I saw many little fish close to shore as well as the ripples of feeding fish out in the main stream. I also heard a couple of fish jump now and again.


  1. That is one very smart duck!!!
    Kinda hard to imagine the grand Cher river being so placid in your area.

  2. Are there any houses for sale in Canard-sur-Cher? Sounds like a very charming village - or is it a hamlet? (lol) Martine

  3. Generally, your " our current weather" is from Tours. Today it is from Romorantin. were it is still hot with 93 F (34 C). The Cher is so pretty.

  4. Does Callie look both ways before crossing the street to get to the river?

  5. Mortimer would be in heaven there - he just loves the water. I loved the colours in the photos - very atmospheric.

  6. I very good river, indeed.

  7. Lucky Duck. Is that sunlight I see sparkling on the surface of the water?


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