Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Down at river's edge

I don't know what they're called, but I saw this bunch of pink flower spikes at the edge of the river the other day. It was the only bunch I saw so I don't know how common they are.

Flowers on the Cher River.

The US Open is under way in New York. I haven't watched any of it yet (it's on live here starting in the early evening and over night), but I will start today. They re-broadcast a lot of the matches (especially the French players' matches) during the day. Sometimes I record overnight so I can see the live feed and have the ability to fast-forward through the boring bits, like excessive commentary and commercials.


  1. Your purple plant is Purple Loosestrife Lythrum salicaria, very common. Apparently it is an invasive alien in the US. It is found everywhere in France and has a swathe of French names: Herbe aux coliques, Lysimaque rouge, Lythrum salicaire, Salicaire commune, Salicaire officinale.

  2. I was afraid it was loosestrife. The first time I saw it as a roadside plant in New York state I admired it, but quite quickly it spread along the streams in NY and PA and beyond. It's such a curse I can't even appreciate it for its looks anymore.

  3. It's funny how plants in the right place are kept under control but, when they are taken out of their native habitat, can become a real problem. I've never heard of loosestrife being a pest in the UK.

  4. We have gooseneck loosestrife, which has a fun-looking bent over gooseneck-looking flower :) It does spread a good bit on its own, though.

    Walt, I've been displaying (on my big screen inclass) photos of your profiteroles from a blog a couple of years ago, and my classes are all full of wonder and amazement that you made them yourself :)


  5. Susan is right, that plant is called a "Loosestrife" plant. It grows like a weed in very moist locations like the edge of a pond or lake. It could take over. Very pretty though.

  6. susan, thanks! I had no idea, of course. :)

    carolyn, I don't remember it from New York. Is it relatively new there?

    morningaj, so true.

    judy, that's cool! They're not hard to make at all.

    ron, and you have it Delaware?


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