Thursday, August 30, 2012

The grapes are ripening

Our spell of hot, dry weather may have saved the grapes this year. I'm no expert, but the growers were despairing of the wet and cold in June and July. Grape yields are down, we heard. Fewer, smaller bunches all around.

A nice looking bunch of red grapes (gamay? cabernet? côt? I'm never sure) in the vineyard on Wednesday.

Well now the bunches are starting to mature. They're looking good, although I do notice that they're smaller and fewer than in previous years. I hope that decent weather holds through to harvest time. It will be an interesting year for our local winemakers.


  1. Having recently had a quick lesson from a winegrower on how to ID vines from their leaves, I would say Cot. That's just a not terribly educated guess based on the incomplete detail I can see in the photo, so it may well be totally wrong. Practicing for fun!

  2. My taste buds are salivating.

  3. My educated guess would be the same as Susan's. Antoinette

  4. They certainly look good in your photos!

  5. Les lérots ont dévoré les miens avant qu'ils atteignent ce stade de maturité :-\.

  6. I know you guys are sleeping as it is 3.30 am where you are. Your temperature gage indicates it is
    55 F, or 13 degrees C. That is chilly. You must be sleeping really well.


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