Sunday, August 12, 2012

What a week

We've had a very nice summery week. Very few clouds, warm days, slight breeze. The garden is doing well; we're eating our own green beans and tomatoes now. We've enjoyed time out on the deck with friends and by ourselves. We're having the dog days of summer without actually having had the summer itself, or maybe it just seems that way.

A yellow flower spike, somewhere in the vineyard.

At any rate, this long stretch of dry, almost hot days is melting away the memory of the cold and wet months of June and July. And thank goodness for that.

I didn't sleep very well Saturday night, partly because the house warmed up a bit too much. I was out on the deck after midnight looking for Perseid meteors. I saw two nice ones and then headed back inside for more tossing and turning.


  1. S'il s'agit bien d'un bouillon blanc comme je le pense -bien qu'il fleurisse jaune- cela implique un entretien de la vigne très respectueux de l'environnement ; félicitations au viticulteur et merci pour cette belle photo !

  2. spouse has been eating his tomatoes and cukes and peppers this month.

    we have been hazy/hot/humid for so long now; I'm getting sick of it. no meteors for us due to cloudy skies. :(

  3. Your flower is Agrimony Agrimonia eupatoria (Aigremoine eupatoire in French). The bouillon-blanc that Janet refers to are also flowering at the moment (2 species), but the yellow flowered one is a much bigger plant than Agrimony.

  4. So glad the Perseid showers offered some reward for a sleepless night. Our heatwave has passed temporarily. It's only supposed to hit around 39 today. Hope you sleep better tonight!

  5. Couldn't sleep because of the big mystère to which Ken alludes in his post??

  6. We are having a mini heat wave here, too. Sleeping was difficult for me last night, as well. Too hot, then after I woke up when it had cooled off a bit, I needed to close some of the windows.
    I missed the Perseids here because of the clouds (honestly though, I didn't remember or realize it was last night).

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Walt,

    That vineyard is a Garden of Delight. You find beauty where others overlook it. Lovely.



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