Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm gonna miss this

Hanging out on the deck, that is. I know there are still many days ahead when I'll be able to sit outside, but they're becoming fewer. And there are more days in between when it's either too chilly or too windy.

A recent warm afternoon. We had just had lunch at the table with a friend. I was finishing up the wine.

Summer is moving toward fall and the season will change. It's time to start thinking about cutting up firewood for the winter. I normally do that in August, but I've put it off this year because I know that I'm not trimming the hedge in September. So I'll cut wood in September instead. It works for me.


  1. you have a lovely home; your deck seems so inviting; I think I will join you for a glass of wine!

  2. Walt, you were finishing up the wine? Looks like a half bottle left to me....I am going to presume that Ken didn't want anymore.
    Nice weather to sit out on that lovely deck, so enjoy what time you have left.

  3. Lovely patio and the "new" chairs really look good.
    (Yes I do envy you organizing the closets. I really have to do that too).

  4. Oh please don't bring summer to a close so soon! I'm still waiting for it to start here in the U.K and will probably be drinking hot chocolate in the garden at this rate instead a glass of wine with aperos.

  5. Very bucolic...
    But you are such men! Instead of holding the french doors open with a brick, try a potted plant or a heavy planter next time. And that broom in the corner doesn't do it for me either.
    Just saying ;-)

  6. What a lovely home you have :) Don't you just love it? :)) I'm heading out to MY deck right now. Cheerio!


  7. I hadn't noticed either the brick or the broom (?) just the very detailed cabinet in the other room and the beautifully relaxing setting you have created on your veranda. Who wouldn't be contemplating the end to those days finishing the wine on a lovely day...

  8. This is such a charming spot. Too bad you can't use it throughout the year. It's been cooler here today. Only about 35C I think today!


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