Friday, August 17, 2012

Late summer

The days are getting noticeably shorter. The tv and print ads are all about la rentrée (back to school and work). Grain fields are being harvested. And the summer wildflowers are putting on a show.

Carotte sauvage (wild carrot or Queen Anne's Lace) in a clearing next to some woods. Click to queenannify.

In just over a month it will officially be fall, but we're not thinking about that yet. It's hot. August has been a good summer month this year. If we're lucky, the nice weather will stretch into September. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. We are back to getting up in the dark when we have clients to pick up...sigh...

  2. I hope the heat doesn't bother you too much :)

  3. Did you get to Kmart for your back-to-school supplies yet?

  4. summer wildflowers = ACHOO!!!!! for me.

    by 8:15p here, it's already dark; BOO!!!!! I like darkness at 9p. (sighs)

  5. How do things in "the dump" get recycled?

  6. susan, I hate when that happens.

    judy, it's not too bad so far.

    mark, fortunately, the dog is not in school.

    anne marie, at the height of summer, we get darkness between 10:30 and 11:00.

    starman, it's not a landfill, but a bunch of big containers that get hauled away for recycling/disposal when full. Each container gets filled with something different, i.e. cardboard, metal, etc. There are special bins for hazardous things and old computer/tv parts, too.

  7. I've always wanted to queenannify and I wasn't disappointed. Thanks.


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