Monday, August 27, 2012


We're harvesting tomatoes now. The garden is doing well, although we had some strong winds on Saturday that knocked over some of the cherry tomato plants. Still, they should do alright, even if some of the branches are now horizontal.

Some of our recent harvest. There are several varieties here. I picked almost as much again yesterday morning.

We'll soon start making sauce for the freezer. The tomatoes are beginning to come in faster than we can eat them. Yesterday I made pizza for lunch and we used fresh sliced tomatoes rather than sauce. Very tasty. I also put eggplant and red peppers from the garden on the pizza. Yum.

A tomato close-up.

I've noticed now that all our squash plants are producing. We've been eating some zucchini. But we also have large acorn squash, some potimarrons, and some tiny butternut squash. I'm hopeful that the crop of winter squash will be good this year. It'll be a few weeks before we start harvesting them.


  1. The color of your tomatoes is stunning. Makes my mouth water! Keep up the good farming,
    lulu in delmar

  2. There were potimarrons on sale at a local produce stall yesterday. They're always the first to be ripe and they make a wonderful soup with those lovely ripe tomatoes.

  3. wish ours looked like that. our tomato harvest has been hit-n-miss due to the hot weather/no rain combo. peppers have been plentiful, though, as have cucumbers.

    "mangia!" as they say in italy!

  4. I know the feeling well of an overflow of veg!! I am bottling tomato sauce, lack of freezer room. Enjoy your day. Diane

  5. Wow, it seems like they matured quickly! I'll be they loved that heat and sunshine! They look marvelous!!

  6. Better late than never! Best looking tomatoes I've seen this summer!

  7. These are beautiful tomatoes . Want some watercress with these cherry tomatoes :-)

  8. Stunning tomatoes! Just a quick question for everybody: do you peel your tomatoes? Another blog I read (another american who lives in France) was speaking about peeling - which I have only done a couple of times because the recipe suggested it. Most of her readers do. Do you ?

  9. Love those tomatoes Walt! Try my recipe for Swiss Steak. It is delicious, especially with fresh, overripe tomatoes.

  10. lulu, and they're delicious, too!

    pollygarter, I love potimarrons, but I haven't looked for them in the market yet.

    anne marie, I didn't do cukes this year, but I'm planning to again next year.

    diane, we have fewer this year than years past, but it's time for sauce nonetheless!

    judy, the heat really did them some good.

    evelyn, we were afraid that the cold wet start would do them in, but we're in good shape now!

    t.b., sounds good!

    mary, I peel my tomatoes on occasion, but not normally. For sauce, I use a food mill to separate the skins out.

    ron, I checked it out... sounds real good.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful tomatoes.

  12. Good grief those are beautiful tomatoes. Nothing like that in the stores and I don't believe any of mine looked so tasty when I tried in the past.


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