Friday, August 10, 2012


I like it when the yellow flowers go to seed. The white puff balls are pretty.


  1. Your photos are beautiful, and very....FRENCH !;0))
    (Is this the 1st terrific comment ?!)

  2. Few years ago I saw the space shuttle and the international space station linked together. Beautiful site! It was very early in the morning, in winter. It will never happen again unfortunately.

  3. Lucky you wrt starlight. I guess if you have a portable heater and no wind, you can do that even in the fall.

    Y. took the opportunity to watch for drones (or some kind of UAV) during the vacation . This has been going on for the past three years . First time we thought they were airplanes higher up but then realized they were in group of four or five , noiseless - same time every evening

  4. I remember always making wishes and blowing on them when we were kids.... and then my father yelling at us for spreading the weeds!

  5. Ethereal. Very nice.

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Very pretty, but so end of season, which is a sad thought.


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