Monday, August 20, 2012

Periodic Puppy Pics

It's been a while, hasn't it! Well here's a photo I took on Saturday morning. The day was warm and getting hotter. Callie enjoyed being outside for a while, then she hung out on the cool concrete floor of the utility room for most of the day.

Callie on the shady grass in the back yard on Saturday morning.

Border collies aren't used to very hot weather. It's funny that during the summer, Callie's coat gets much redder than it seems in winter. She looks more like her father in this picture, although he was even redder than this.


  1. And I'd swear that her nose too has a reddish tinge to it!

  2. She looks so sweet and her eyes are beautiful. I am still away and missing my dog like crazy! Ivan

  3. She sure is one beautiful lady...loved the photo.

  4. votre chien est belle! and she knows it too!

  5. Love the contrast between her red coat and the grass. Beautiful picture.

  6. raybeard, yes, it certainly does!

    ivan, sounds like you're having a good time. The dog will be happy to see you when get back!

    virginia, thanks!

    jean, merci!

    anne marie, yes, she does!

    pollygarter, :)

    n&a, she's pretty photogenic, so it's not difficult.

    bill, thanks!

    michael, and you should know! I'm sure Harper was glad to see you both on Sunday!


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