Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We have four varieties of squash in this year's vegetable garden. One is courgette (zucchini), a summer squash, and we're harvesting that now. The other three are winter squash: butternut, potimarron (kuri squash), and patidou (a variety similar to acorn squash).

These two are on the same plant. The one behind is darker and much larger, so far.

I saved the seeds from a patidou that we bought at the market last year and put three plants into the garden. Two of them have green squash (photo above); they may get pale or variegated as they mature. The third has oblong yellow fruit. They all have these characteristic ridges.

The winter squashes all have fruit on them now, but they won't be ready to harvest for a while yet. I'm looking forward to eating them.


  1. Great squash, beautiful rose :) Enjoy the chill in the air when it gets there :) Isn't it the weekend YET?? :)

  2. In New England, the rule is
    that one doesn't pick the winter
    type squash until they have been
    "kissed by the frost." Supposedly
    enhances the sugar level.

  3. It's fun to plant seeds from a squash and see what comes up! Patidou are an F1 hybrid so the seedlings are hybrids too, but with a different combination of genes - they may also have crossed with one of the grower's other squash. I'll bet they taste good!

  4. Walt

    Have you tried frying squash blossoms?

  5. Beautiful. Multiple varieties of squash don´t seem familiar to our friends here in Sevilla.

  6. Beautiful squash! I'm glad that your garden decided to grow en fin.

  7. You guys must love the end of summer.

  8. Found your blog while searching some information about Patidou. Great success in your garden - bravo!
    I just prepared a very aromatic Patidou squash, stuffed with spices and rice - here in Thailand squash is available around the year.


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