Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Speaking of gastropods

I noticed this little garden snail on Tuesday morning as I went out to water the new seedlings. He was crawling in one of the sage plants next to the gravel path in our back garden.

I'm not sure what he's doing because he didn't seem to be eating the leaves. Click to escargate.

The seedlings I referred to are collard greens and Swiss chard. I planted seeds in pots a few weeks ago so that we could have a fall crop. The seedlings went into the vegetable garden on Monday. So far, so good; they are all upright and happy looking. Pictures to follow.


  1. That is a pretty snail...hard to imagine that he could do any damage, but keep an eye on your seedlings.

  2. And, a national holiday here, too, celebrating Julia Child's 100th birthday date :) ( well, okay... maybe not a NATIONAL holiday... but... still...:))

  3. I escargated the photo for full effect- what a lovely creature!

  4. Hard to believe that beautiful shell is stuffed with a slug!

  5. Je suis arrivée sur votre blog par un lien sur le blog de mon cousin et bien qu'ayant un niveau d'anglais pitoyable, je comprends vos textes et j'adore votre vision de la France et la manière dont vous la transmettez à vos compatriotes. Désormais je viendrai jeter un œil à votre blog plus souvent.

  6. That's the prettiest snail I've ever seen.

  7. anne marie, pretty neat, eh?

    virginiac, this one wasn't anywhere near the seedlings. But I suppose he could be by now...

    judy, we celebrated by watching some Julia & Jacques on DVD.

    evelyn, hehehe!

    mitch, maybe even better stuffed with a little butter, garlic, and parsley...

    emanuelle, merci de votre commentaire. J'adore les photos d'Olivier et j'en tire un peu d'inspiration !

    starman, the shell patterns vary quite a lot from snail to snail, all very pretty.


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