Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hop on over

I noticed this little guy on Callie's dish the other day. He seemed to be waiting for a meal. Instead, I took his picture before removing him to the outdoors.

A green sauterelle (grasshopper) clings to Callie's kibble bowl.

With our current warm spell, most of the doors and windows are open in the house and the crawling and flying critters just come and go. I give them a little help with the going part from time to time.


  1. I bet he and his kin find this world every bit as 'odd' as we find him. 'Cute' in his own particular way - though I wouldn't care to stroke him.

  2. "He seemed to be waiting for a meal" and instead he got thrown out. Right now he's probably thinking, "That's the worst restaurant I've ever been to." I'm guessing he didn't leave a tip on the way out.

  3. ^ I LOVE the above comment! has me ROTFLMFAO!

    anything that creeps or flies into this house gets to be a playtoy for the cats. wasps and bees get the chemical spray (I am allergic).

  4. Not very hospitable of you, but I guess in the long run you were being humane. Your photos are an inspiration.

  5. raybeard, true. I tried to be gentle when I set him out.

    opus, correct. No tip. I'm sure he won't be back.

    anne marie, our dog will bark at anything that moves. Or any bug that she sees on the ceiling, whether moving or not. The cat, however, is an outdoor cat and has bigger fish to fry!

    mitch, I hope this one didn't inspire your latest meal... :)

  6. The cat "has bigger fish to fry"/"a d'autres chats à... fouetter"... I definitely prefer the English expression ;-)


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