Monday, August 13, 2012

New garden chairs

Friends of ours participated in the annual Saint-Aignan vide-grenier (flea market) on Sunday. Ken and I volunteered to go into town at 5 a.m. to help them set up in exchange for a good look-through before the buyers showed up. We had a very good time.

Four of the new chairs on the deck. You can see the other four down in the yard on the right.

Douglas and Claire made us coffee and tartines (toast with butter and jam) and then we started hauling the sale items out as well as the tables to set everything on. We got first dibs on some nice lawn chairs, a couple of lamps, some occasional tables, and some throw rugs. All for a good price and a good time.


  1. Very smart chairs.
    Good job you were there early or they would have been snapped up !!

  2. Nice chairs - are they metal?

  3. sounds like you found some lovely items for a little bit o work; vive! :)

  4. I'm always jealous of folks with patios not jam packed with bikes, scooters, swim gear, footballs...
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Love the chairs!

  5. Well, there's my answer: I asked Ken if we'd see photos, and here are the chairs, en photo :) I'd love to see the lamps... well... and everything :))

  6. Love the color and design of the new chairs and clever how we got to see all of them in one photo;)

  7. Great purchase ;-) (is that OK for "bon achat" ?)

  8. jean, that's for sure!

    enid, thanks. No, they're made of sturdy resin (plastic).

    anne marie, yup!

    mark, well, I did clean up the dog toys before I took the picture.

    judy, lol!

    evelyn, they're nice and are a good change. The green chairs will be for the back yard now.

    mary07, yes!

  9. Great furniture. I love the table, too. Your deck and the view make it look like all your hard work is worth it.

    1. mitch, it is when the weather is nice. :)

  10. It appears to be a great place for an apéro.

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