Friday, August 24, 2012


The recent heat has sped up the demise of flowers in our yard and in the vineyard. And the lack of rain means that the dried flower heads haven't been washed away or had time to rot.

The state of the daisies out in the garden. Still kind of pretty.

But now the heat wave is over. The days are pleasant even if the mornings are a bit chilly. I can feel fall coming on.


  1. It looks like you've come over and gotten a photo of the gardens around here :(((

  2. Yes, it's dark in the morning, and I
    was just checking on the date when we
    change the clocks....not until early

  3. I envy you if you are into chilly mornings now! I am still sleeping on top of the bed with no cover :-) Diane

  4. Yep , this week we have started to put the lights on in the kitchen when we come downstairs to make coffee and pickup the newspapers. Seems that as soon as we hit mid-August we notice the lack of natural light :-)
    Humid and hot over the WE - opportunity for BBQ

  5. Judith - Exactly what I was thinking: Walt, you didn't tell me you were taking photographs next door of the wilting daisies!

  6. We may get a little rain here in a day or two!

  7. Just returned from a 70 km Saturday morning ride and definitely feeling WILTED. Unlike all of the above comments, spring is just around the corner down under.


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