Saturday, August 25, 2012

Les capucines

Nasturtiums. We have a lot of these in the vegetable garden. I planted some one year and they continue to re-seed themselves in one of the four square plots. This year I transplanted a few of the seedlings to the bed around the fake well and they've done ok.

I don't even remember what year it was that I planted these in the garden. Maybe 5 years ago?

But just ok. The heat wave has taken a toll on them. Still, I'm hopeful that they will produce seeds that I can gather for planting in some new places next spring.

They add nice spots of intense color to the back yard.


  1. Also very nice on salads. Edible flowers, edible leaves [slightly peppery], edible seeds [very peppery]. Seeds can also be used to make a "tartare" sauce or mayo.

  2. Your photo is so pretty. Nasturtiums grow fast, so they are a good seed to pop into your garden around early bulbs once they start to die back. They'll grow up and hide the dying leaves, and in a short while you'll have pretty round green leaves and bright flowers to look at, instead of limp tresses.

  3. for a moment, I thought you were going to speak of the actress capucine. then I saw the gorgeous flowers.

    you take some interesting closeup pix!

  4. The "fake" well, huh. You know, in the United States that would be elegantly called the "faux" well.

  5. WE're starting to get the fringes of Isaac (not a hurricane....yet).

  6. pollygarter, funny, but we've never really eaten them. Don't know why.

    carolyn, good idea!

    anne marie, I've never heard of her!

    mitch, oh, the vrai faux puits as I call it (real fake well) has made many appearances in this blog. :)

    starman, hope it's not too bad for you.

    michael, no, and I don't know why. We should.


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