Thursday, August 23, 2012

Les campanules

We have two patches of these bellflowers on the east side of the house. They go through several blooming cycles from spring through fall, depending on how much water they get.

Bellflowers blooming now against the house.

The patches are located under the deck, so they don't get much rain when we have rain. We have to water them by hand to keep them flowering. Typically, I don't water them until I notice the flowers have all gone. I'm too busy watering the vegetable garden, which is on the west side of the house.

Another view.


  1. I love the pale purple colour of these flowers.

  2. These are beautiful and would make me "intend" to water regularly. But, like you, I probably wouldn't get to it.

  3. les fleurs belle! it's the color that makes me smile!

  4. I love this color Walt! My favorite.

  5. I think I've lost my bellflower - from no watering. Just like you said, I was too busy taking care of other plants. Yours are gorgeous.


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