Tuesday, March 01, 2011

After the rain

There are several spots in the vineyard, mostly along the road, where water collects after a rainstorm. There are a few drainage ditches that the town maintains to help the water flow into streams and down to the river. Grape vines don't like their feet to be wet.

The road blocks the water at this spot, so there's a drain that takes the water under it.

This particular spot is not far out into the vineyard and seems to be one of the last places to dry up. I think it's because the raised roadbed forms a kind of a dam. The growers installed a drain in the ground there that lets the water move under the dirt road to a channel that runs in between two rows on the other side which, in turn, runs down to a stream.

A level spot in the road where lots of puddles form.

Callie enjoys the puddles. She drinks from them. Sometimes she just walks through them. Then all the sand and dirt from the road clings to her wet fur. I've begun to refer to our walks as "going to get muddy paws."


  1. After the rain....let's see, that'd be July 5 here....

  2. Also died today; actress Jane Russell, who will forever be remembered for popularizing the architectdural cantilever, at age 89 after a long struggle with gravity.

  3. Lordy, it looks so gloomy.

  4. I recognized Annie Girardot's name, but couldn't place her face, so I googled her. Of COURSE.... the one movie I really remember her for is that fantastic version of Les Misérables with Jean-Paul Belmondo, from 1995. She was great in that. What a movie that is. Have you guys seen it?


  5. alewis, that early? ;)

    bill, yes, I saw that.

    starman, it's better than darkness and rain (or snow).

    judy, I don't think I've seen it, but they've been talking about it and showing clips on the news.


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