Saturday, March 26, 2011

Springtime primroses

It's an annual ritual now: posting photos of the springtime primevères (primroses) that pop up all around the garden. Over the years I've noticed that they are spreading to other parts of the yard. These are in a location where there weren't any just a few years ago.

Some of our back yard color right now. There are also yellow, blue, and red primroses out there.

The colors are amazing. The yard is carpeted with all of these colors and the deep purples of little violets and other small flowering plants. One day very soon the grass will need cutting, then all these little flowers will be gone.

But they'll be back again next year.

If you want to see the photos from years past, type "primroses" (be sure it's plural) in the search box on the top left of the Blogger screen and press "enter." Then scroll down through the years!


  1. Oh, Walt, these are so beautiful...In Ohio, somehow, no matter what color I plant, they comeback a sort of red with a gold eye and gold around the outer edges. Once I saw a meadow full of blooming yellow primroses in the alps. They were standing in water almost up to the blossoms themselves and it's remained one of my favorite flower memories.

  2. The primroses are blooming in So CA right now also. I wish they liked it here in Alabama, but they never want to winter over.

  3. that is a lovely picture. thanks!

  4. Are you sending us down the online version of the primrose path?

  5. I wouldn't mind them growing everywhere, they're very pretty.

  6. Wonderful photos.


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