Thursday, March 10, 2011

Freshly pruned vines in morning sunlight

Just another day in vine land. Now that the days are lengthening the sun is actually up and shining when I'm out on the morning walk. That is, on days that the sky is clear. Like I mentioned yesterday, the vineyards are all on hillsides that drain down to the river. That makes views like this one possible.

Those yellow splotches on the ground are splotches of sunlight!

This week's weather is beautiful, I must say. Highs hear 60ºF and sunshine. I got out into the garden yesterday afternoon and planted seeds for escarole, radishes, and leeks. They're planted under fabric tunnels to keep them warm.

Ken took the train up to Paris yesterday and spent the night there. He's flying out this morning to North Carolina. I'll be tracking his flights if I can. Sometimes the tracking sites don't handle American flights originating in Europe too well, especially while they're over the Atlantic. But I should be able to pick it up as it gets closer to the North American coast.


  1. Certainly sounds like wonderful weather for gardening. I can hardly wait till it comes our way.

    Hope Ken has a wonderful trip.

  2. Oops, looks like Chris was on my computer again. Above was me.

    : )

  3. This view is awesome. I can’t wait for the Spring to really kick in. We’re gonna have like 60 degrees this weekend too. And I can’t wait. I think I’m going to sit in the sun all weekend long.

  4. Ken's not going to make a surprise visit to my house, is he? You know what, I can't take any chances. I'm starting to clean, now! m.

  5. What a beautiful life you have. :)

  6. Is Callie with you in "town" for your hair cut? or is she alone in the house ?

  7. I like the hint of sunlight in this photo.

  8. rick, it won't be long now!

    transport, sounds like fun!

    mark, hehehehe... no, he probably won't make it up your way. But, still, you never know. Don't forget to clean on top of the refrigerator; he hates when that's dirty.

    wendy, thanks! We're enjoying it.

    beaver, no, she stayed home to "guard the house." She get her hair cut on Monday.

    starman, me too!

  9. Cleaned it last night. Thanks! m.


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