Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The two towers

Yes, but which one is Orthanc and which one is Barad-dûr? Hehe, a little Lord of the Rings humor there. The tower on the top is a water tower, the one below is a grain elevator. There is neither a wizard nor a dark lord to be seen.

Two of the many towers that you can see in the Cher River valley.

This is the view from our side of the river. Both of these towers are on the right (north) bank of the Cher. The grain silo is pretty much right on the riverbank, while the water tower is up on the heights above it.

I've always thought that from a distance in hazy weather, the grain silo looks like a cathedral. The bulk of the silo is below the tree line in this shot, though, so you can't really see it.


  1. Guess I haven't visited in awhile. Great photos, as usual, to look back upon. (The bread made me hungry.)

    Take care and enjoy the onslaught of spring.

  2. That grain silo is a cathedral tower... the church of "Futures"!

  3. I feel so left out since I don't follow Lord or the Rings. I haven't felt this way since everyone in elementary school saw Star Wars and I didn't.
    Cool picture! m.

  4. Snap! We made a detour today (wine buying in Francueil) to Nouans les Fontaines and as we drove into the village the hazy sunlight made the grain silos look just like the donjon of a medieval castle.

    Oh and no contest water tower = Barad-dur :-)


  5. The water tower kind of looks like an alien having a look around.

  6. I cycled from Montrichard along the Cher towards St Aignan in the Autumn of 2009.As I studied the landscape on my left ,I saw, what I believed to be a large chateau, or something on the escarpment. Now, I think what I had seen was a humungous grain silo, not the chateau of St Aignan, which , as I have consequently realised is situated on the left bank, or south bank, depending on which way you look at it.

  7. Are you sure about the lack of dark lords, Walt?
    That picture is very atmospheric. Don't go check it out...just in case!

  8. rick, well, maybe not an onslaught. We had that last year and it knocked tiles off the roof...

    tim, good one!

    mark, elementary school? I was a high school graduate when Star Wars was released. I feel as old as an Ent.

    antoinette, they're amazing structures sometimes!

    starman, it may be...

    john-san, yes, St.-Aignan's chateau is on the left bank. This grain silo isn't on the escarpment, though. It's down along the railroad track.

    sue, pretty sure. France got rid of the lords a while back. hehehe.


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