Monday, March 21, 2011

Gratin de leftovers

There was a tiny bit of spinach and garbanzo beans left in the fridge. And some leftover bow tie pasta with a smidgen of tomato sauce. I decided to make a gratin. The little bit of sauce went in the bottom of the dish, followed by the spinach and garbanzos. Next went the pasta (which already had sauce on it). I topped the whole thing with grated comté and parmesan cheeses and a drizzle of olive oil. Into to oven to heat through, and voilà. Lunch.

My gratin of leftovers, with a fresh baguette and some local red wine.

A gratin is any preparation, savory or sweet, that is baked in a shallow dish and allowed to form a light crust over the top. It will often have cheese melted on it, but that's not required.


  1. sounds and looks delicious :)

  2. You live like a King...
    All this and sun too - fantastic!

  3. I would never have guessed it was leftovers....just think how you could have described it in a bistro...gratin of pasta with spinach, garbazos, tomato sauce and comté, drizzled with olive oil...10€ please !!!

  4. You should have your own show. Delicious! I can practically taste it from here.

  5. Um,Um, Ummmmmmmmm. I can't be hungry. I just finished a very good breakfast. But this looks and sounds super. A great way to turn leftovers into something special.

  6. Fred would leave me for that dish.

  7. Looks yummy. Gratin anything is fine by me. It always looks and tastes like it's more work than it actually was too, which is a nice benefit!

  8. I like almost any dish made with cheese.

  9. Looks amazing, i'd love to be able to just throw leftovers together and have them turn out so beautiful.

  10. adam, thanks! It was. :)

    john-san, it's good to be the king.

    jean, yes, €10!

    rick, I'll have to come up with a catchy sign-off phrase...

    kristi, leftovers are often better than they were originally!

    mark, you cook, don't you?

    craig, that's true!

    starman, me, too.

    paradykes, thanks for commenting! And I'll bet you can... If I can, anyone can. :)

  11. When are you going to publish a cookbook, Walt?

    You could call it French Dining from Leftovers. heheheh (that is the way the french laugh in text, isn't it? )

    J'aime gratin, aussi!

  12. Walt, I don't cook. But the funny thing is that I did last week and I'm actually writing about it today.
    Enjoy your sunny day!
    p.s. My In-Laws are coming from France in two weeks. I'm slowly freaking out and I'm not sure why I'm telling this to you other than rambling is part of my "freaking out".
    Your Friend, m.


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