Wednesday, March 23, 2011

These will be lilacs

I think know I mentioned before that the lilac bush has buds on it. It's really nice to see, especially since this is a flowering year. I bought the bush in 2006 and it's doing very well. But I didn't know when I bought it that it blooms every other year. I didn't know they did that. None of the lilacs in our neighborhood (and there are many) do that; they bloom every year.

Tiny lilac flowers are just emerging now. They'll grow into full sized blooms in a few weeks.

But no, I found probably the only lilac bush for sale in France that blooms every other year. I'm lucky like that.


  1. Could you give me 7 digits to play tonight? I need some of that luck.
    GORGEOUS photo.
    Word verification: pants. I just think it's funny. m.

  2. Oh how I miss lilacs.... even every other year would be nice.

  3. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", non? We have a Southern variety of lilac that is blooming now alongside of some wisteria.

    Springtime is my favorite season for sure and it is busting out all over right now.

  4. At our new house, we have a long row of lilac bushes lining the front yard. They bloomed beautifully last year. However, when the last owners of the house (Fannie Mae) took over, just before we bought it, they chopped about 2-3 feet off the top of them! Everything was so overgrown in the yard, that they seem to have just sent in a team to chop chop chop anything big. I'm worried about losing some good plants :( It looks like most of the lilac bushes are sprouting some little green growth, so I'm hopeful. I guess I'll know soon!


  5. Those baby lilac buds look beautiful, can't wait for pics of it in full bloom.


  6. Love the beautiful pic. It could have been worse; you dodged the plant that blooms once a decade...

  7. Bonjour,Judy

    Trimming lilacs must be done immediately after blooming. New flower buds for the next year appear very soon after this years's bloom. You'll have no blooms next year if you trim them off.

    Walt, could this be your problem?

  8. I absolutely love lilacs. Both the flower and the smell.
    By the way Walt, I decided not to pack it in.

  9. I love lilac trees, such an old-fashioned flower with a beautiful perfume.

  10. I've never cared for lilacs; the flowers nor the perfumes

  11. Walt, if your plant is young, it's still developing and could turn out to be an every-year bloomer. It's best not to prune anything on a lilac unless it's overgrown, and even then you don't cut the tips back, you cut out the thickest, oldest trunks at the base.

  12. Beautiful pics! I have lots of lilacs but they will bloom in early June. Here in the Great White North, it is -20 C with lots of snow on the ground!

  13. the smell of lilac reminds me of May, for that is when they bloom in the Midwest

  14. mark, I need all my digits, thank you.

    brent, I guess if I look at it that way, I can't complain!

    evelyn, our wisteria is also budding out. It won't be long now!

    judy, I hope they come back allright. You're going to have a good time in your new garden!

    bettyann, I can't wait to take them. :)

    diogenes, oh, thank goodness!

    bill, nope. I haven't pruned the shrub yet. The label actually said it blooms every other year. I just didn't notice that until I got it home. D'oh!

    craig, I always have, too. And good! I'll look forward to more news from Scotland.

    jean, yup. Do you have any in LGP? I can't remember...

    starman, you can't like everything!

    carolyn, I don't think that's the problem. It has beautiful flowers every other year and I haven't pruned it at all.

    buddy, wow, that's a long winter! But I know you enjoy it.

    michael, same back where I come from (upstate NY).

  15. I miss lilacs -- my parents had one growing outside their bedroom window (in the Chicago suburbs). I enjoyed their scent so much! Too warm for them here. However, that's one of the few sacrifices I have to make for enjoying the beautiful area and climate here in Northern Calif.


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