Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The muscari are blooming

The thing about this time of year is that stuff is growing. Nearly every day there's something new going on in the garden. It's a nice change from winter when things slowed way down. This week we've seen the muscari (grape hyacinth) bloom at its peak. It's also spreading nicely where I transplanted some many years ago.

A close-up of the muscari outside the front door. Click to hyacinthisize.

I have a lot more that I've dug up to transplant. It's actually blooming in pots right now and will have to go into the ground as soon as it stops blooming. The question is: where?


  1. You are at least a month ahead of us. We're still trying to get out of the 40s (degrees Fahrenheit) and have a snowstorm coming toward the end of the week.

    Oh, and if you need a place to put it I'll gladly take it off your hands. : )

  2. You should make a postcard from your photos.

  3. Y'all have a lot of flowers at your place.

  4. These are just lovely. They remind me of Texas Bluebonnets.

  5. Grape hyacinth are lovely, aren't they? I wish that they bloomed for longer though.

  6. I have those in my garden next to my Koi pond. They have been blooming for the last month. When they are in the ground they will continue to multiply. You are a gardener with good taste.

  7. Love your flower pictures! I can smell their lovely fragrance all the way over in CA!

  8. My favorite color, amethyst. So soothing and relaxing. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

  9. NYC & Boston might get one foot of snow on April 1st... Quite the fools day for sure.

  10. It will be in the upper 80's here in the Hollywood Ca. arrea for the next couple of days. Then back to the low 60's, much better.

  11. rick, ugh! I remember what that's like. We could still get a freeze through April. It happened just before we moved here. That was the summer of the big heat wave...

    judy, I'm hoping they'll spread even more.

    lois, thanks!

    dor, I'm not sure they'd sell...

    starman, not as much as some people around here. It's amazing how much work people do on their properties.

    diogenes, I see what you mean.

    craig, I agree!

    mike, wow... 80s!

    desiree, there must be an app for that! ;)

    ron, glad you're enjoying!

    bosguy, really! Ugh!


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