Sunday, March 13, 2011

The silo in the sun

I've talked about the grain silo across the river before and, how in misty weather, it can look like a cathedral. But it is indeed a grain elevator and silo built of poured concrete and situated on the railroad line that runs through the river valley. On a sunny day you can't mistake it for what it is.

The river flows between the houses and grain elevator. Click to granafy.

This view is from our side of the river just down the hill from our house. The past few sunny days have been a wonderful preview of spring and my walks with Callie have been almost warm and dry. It's nice when I don't have to give her a bath after every walk.


  1. I can see your point. It reminds me of the Narbonne cathedral.

  2. It also looks like the Roman amphitheaters of Arles and Verona that had towers build onto them and were fortified in the in the medieval period to become a refuge for the town in case of attack.

  3. Oh, a spring photo is nice to see :))

  4. Spring has finally sprung here in Boston too. We don't have all the greenery *yet* that you show in this picture but the snow is gone, the weather this weekend has been 10-12 degrees Celsius and buds are finally appearing on the trees.

    Keep the photos of the greenery coming; my eyes need the stimulation - it was a tough winter this year.

  5. Everything is starting to look green. Finally.

  6. I went out on the piste to play pétanque as the sun was shining and it felt balmy although breezy. It took about 15 minutes and the rain came thundering down. It's been raining continuously for the past 4 hours. Spring is not here, yet...
    Enjoy your sunny days.

  7. Looks just like Ohio to me.

  8. Those were on the lake shore in Toronto...brings back memories.

  9. holy gus; I thought that was another medieval castle.

  10. betty, it has to be real misty, though.

    will, have another glass of wine... ;)

    judy, the sun works wonders.

    bosguy, I'll bet you're really sick of it by now.

    starman, winter started so early this time.

    mary, it rained here on Saturday, too, but very much.

    cubby, holy Toledo!

    brent, are you from there?

    michael, when you're done pouring will's glass, have one for yourself. ;)


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